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The Tatura 200 jersey design is always highly anticipated by our riders and walkers. This year the creative people from Sub4 have designed something special for us. If you register prior to Monday 1st October 2018 your registration will include a jersey or running shirt.

Check out the 2018 Tatura 200 Jersey

Please note that the jerseys and running shirts this year are a classic unisex fit. Please take note of the size guide as merchandise will not be as slim fitting compared to previous years, for example a person who was previously a 5XL would now be a 2XL. For ordering of jerseys or running shirts please refer to the unisex size guide.

If you plan on ordering additional items such as bibs or knicks, please refer to the full size guide. Please note that you should reference either the mens or womens size guide, rather than the unisex size guide in this instance.

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